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Talent & Glyphs

You can always change talents points and Glyphs


Intellect > Spell Hit Cap (17%) > Haste > Crit > Mastery

increases spell damage and mild amounts of crit. This is the most effective DPS stat for Warlocks.

Hit Rating
will eliminate the chance for your spells to miss at 17%. It is a huge DPS loss to not have this cap.

reduces cast time, lowers Global Coldowns, and can give extra ticks on DoTs. This is the best secondary stat following the Hit Cap

increases the critical strike chance of your spells and DoTs.


Check for 17% Spell Hit.
If you are below this amount, you'll want to reforge for the Hit Cap to avoid such a DPS loss. On any gear without Hit rating, reforge the weakest stat (see stat priority) into Hit. Continue to do this until you are Hit Capped.

Optimize Haste
In this case, you want to gain as much Haste on your gear as possible. On any gear without Haste, reforge the weakest stat into Haste. If any gear has excess amounts of Hit rating (past the cap) and no Haste, reforge the hit into Haste.

Gem & Enchants


Reckless Ember Topaz

Veiled Demonseye

Brilliant Inferno Ruby

Burning Shadowspirit Diamond

If the socket bonus is Intellect, it’s worth matching the socket color.

If the socket bonus is not Intellect, and it’s less than 20 of that stat, it’s more effective to ignore the socket color and gem for pure Intellect.


Coming later.

Single Target Rotation

Demon -- Felhunter

Haunt -- everytime it's up
Demon Soul -- everytime it's up
Bane of Doom -- keep up
Corruption -- keep up
Unstable Affliction -- keep up
Drain Soul -- when target is below 25% health
Shadowflame -- when multiple adds are in front
Shadow Bolt -- When nothink to do.

Re-cast Unstable Affliction when it's about to expire in order to refresh it -- do not use Fel Flame to extend it's duration. Fel Flame would have to be used three times in order to refresh Unstable Affliction to it's original duration, and that is 3 wasted Global Coldown that could've been used on other spells. Also, If there is no Unholy Death Knight or someone to provide the 8% magic damage debuff, it's important you keep up on your target.

Multiple Target Rotation

Soulburn and then Seed of Corruption

You'll want to pop Soulburn and use Seed of Corruption, and continue spamming Seed on multiple targets. You can also used the glyphed-Soul Swap on 2-3 mob scenarios.

If you are attacking a group of mobs that will live longer than 15-20 seconds, go ahead and tab-target through several of them and cast Corruption, Bane of Agony and Unstable Affliction on them. Once several mobs have those DoTs, focus on the AoE abilities.

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