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My add0ns Divinewrath

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1 My add0ns Divinewrath on Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:19 pm

I use the following Add0ns for this toon.

Mik ScrollingBattleText
This is a add0n which shows me the spell icon next to my character with the hits so its easily to see which spells hits what , because i often wonder which spell did that high crit.
Also above the character you can see when important spells are ready like Avenging Wrath for paladins like myself.

X-perl Unitframes
This is a pretty basic unitframe add0n which gives me a 3rd portrait of my character and following party members.

Deadly Boss Mods (you should all know this one)

It is a add0n which gives you the ability to search for any items in the game while having it up

It shows you every quest in the game and which level you need to be to make it

A basic add0n that remakes your castbar.

This one explains it self pretty much. It sells all the junk in your bag by a click of a button.

It can display Dps/Hps and much more.

Its a modifier of the hits/heal numbers on your screen

Theese are all the add0ns i use for this character, for more questions about them leave a comment or PM Smile

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