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1 Demonology on Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:59 pm


Talent & Glyphs


Loot Ranking, Gems & Reforge

Stats order: Intellect > Hit (until hit capped at 1742/17%) > Mastery > Haste > Critical Strike Rating

Reforge mastery/crit into Hit until hit capped, after that reforge into mastery, if not possible reforge into haste.

Gem Intellect unless the socket bonus is 20 Int or 30 of another stat or better, in which case gem Int/Haste (Reckless Ember Topaz) or Int/Hit (Veiled Demonseye)

Here can you see some items, and it show you how to Reforge + Gem them. So just check it.

Loot Rakings

Rotation Single Target

Demonology (Single Target) - Felhunter
Demonology (AoE) - Felguard

1.Metamorphosis -- everytime it's up
2.Demon Soul -- if using Felguard
3.Immolate -- keep up
4.Hand of Gul'dan -- everytime it's up
5.Demon Soul -- if using Felhunter
6.Bane of Doom -- keep up
7.Immolation Aura -- everytime it's up
8.Corruption -- keep up
9.Shadowflame -- if adds in front of you
10.Shadow Bolt -- when Shadow Trance is active
11.Incinerate -- when Molten Core is active
12.Soul Fire -- when Decimation is active
13.Shadow Bolt -- when nothing elso to do


Cooldowns you should use in every encounter:

*Demon Soul
*Hand of Gul'dan
*Demonic Empowerment

Cooldowns should always be used immediately and should be used for their entire duration (ie.Dont activate a cooldown and then stop casting 5 seconds later..!)

Aoe Rotation

Included abilities when in AoE/multiple mob scenarios:


Use Metamorphosis, then cast Immolation Aura, Shadowflame, and Hellfire while Shadowflame is on CD. You can also use an Infernal for a boost to your AoE DPS.

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