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Raid Rules + Raid Times

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1 Raid Rules + Raid Times on Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:50 pm



Raid Roll System

Coming Soon

Raid Rules

Not 100% with the Rules! And Bad English, will be Edited LATER!

1. Main Specc rolls will be first. If you get highest roll, and you are to win item, Raid leaders will check if you really need the item, and if it is for you specc + role. We dont like when "DPS" MS need on item for tank, only because he is going to be tank. Change specc first later can you need item as MS. We dont look so much on off specc rolls. We will give to the winner with higest roll

2(maybe). Players with the Highest rolls always get the item if he really need it. But players can do deals to! Example. IF somebody win Item for Healer, but he dont need it so much. He can make deal with Somebody that need that healing gear to, if he trade item that he won before and the first player want it. But before the Deal, contact raid leader.

3. When nobody roll Main specc. You can roll Off Specc, and you connot change off speccs 2x times. if you want to do it. Contact Guild officer/ Guild master first.

4. You connot roll for somebody else if you dont have any deal with him/her and Raid leader dont know it. And no roll "just for fun"

5.. Items from Trash will be Main specc Rolled then it go to Guild Bank.

6. Non-BoE items that no one need for MS/OS take raid Leader, Or enchanter enchant item for/to guild Bank.

7. .After you have been done with Boss, everyone wait at cropse to the Items get rolled, Even if you dont need anythink. GM/GM-CO/Master Looter need to check ppl before Items get Given away.

8. Items Like "Essence of The Forlron"/ "Crystalized Firestone" will be MS-OS rolled. And you need The weaker Version to get item (Count for Item, Not tokken), If nobody have weaker item on Main specc, The Higest one Get. If Main specc dont Have but off specc have. Main specc still win it. And new player can not get the item, because we dont know you and trust in 100%(Count for Item, Not tokken)

/(/ I cant so good english so PM me that text with good english if you want and ill edit it /)/

Raid Time

Monday - 8GMT+ (Have atleast 2x free hours minimum, please)
Wednesday - 8GMT+ (Have atleast 2x free hours minimum, please)
Saturday(mainly Progress) - 8GMT+ (Have atleast 3x free hours minimum, please)

There can be extra raid days for alts, or just to check new player.

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